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About Us

The beginning of an
idea until the current project

CimentArt Group is a company born from the changes of model and developments in the construction and design of buildings and the advancement of new technologies applied to the decorative coatings sector. Thanks to a great technical and human team we have achieved During these years, develop a product whose technical and aesthetic qualities are at the highest level of market standards.

It was the concern to get a versatile product, with excellent qualities, hardness and beauty which led to the end of 2009 to begin to develop it.

We currently develop the manufacture of the CimentArt Microcement in our new factory, where all our products are manufactured, packaged and labeled under the highest quality standards. Today, even with a product of the highest level, our R + D Department continues to develop every day in order to improve and achieve new advances in our products and their application.

We have started our international expansion and we currently have a presence in the five continents, through delegations, distributors and works carried out in more than 35 countries.

Our organization

The CimentArt Microcement Group attends to the needs of the new environment, where the management capacity and vision of the future, has become essential tools to consolidate itself as the best group in the sector.

Our organization is composed of the following organization chart:

Alejandro Lloret · Commercial Sales Manager
André Ribeiro · International Sales Manager
Jaime Tomé · Commercial Director of Largest Companies  
Ignacio García · Chief Financial Officer
Sergio Franco · Promotion and Marketing
Raquel Franco · Digital Marketing
Rita Ribeiro · Suppliers and Logistics in Factory 
Javier Dalmao · Factory Production Department
Mauricio Mancilla · Webmaster and Support

Juan Aranda · CEO

Our facilities

The Cimentart Microcement facilities are designed and distributed in different areas, to offer our customers the highest level of quality possible when receiving them.

Our history


At the end of 2009 the idea and the CimentArt project was born. From November 2009 to May 2010, an exhaustive study of the different raw materials that make up the Microcement begins. This study is an extensive compendium of knowledge and testing of samples from different suppliers of European raw materials. We also study similar products on the market at the same time.


In January 2010, the first Microcement applications were made. On September 24, 2010 CimentArt was born as a company. The first two offices are opened at the same time in Alicante (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal). In this period, many applications are made and CimentArt is consolidated as a brand and begins to have very good reputation as a Microcement of very high quality.


In 2011 and unable to meet so many requests for work orders in the Iberian Peninsula, we started our Delegations business model, to be able to delegate geographical areas and opened the first Delegations in Spain and Portugal.


At the beginning of 2013, the number of open Delegations exceeded 25 between Spain and Portugal. In March 2013, CimentArt launches new products: Stone, Solid Color and Rustic. In August 2013, the international expansion began and at the end of the year, CimentArt began in Ireland and Switzerland.


In January 2014, CimentArt is a sales leader in Spain and Portugal. Delegations are opened in other countries such as Brazil, Italy, France and England.


In 2015, we launched the iCem range (ready-to-use microcements), metallized finishes and oxide. Sales are made in more than 30 countries and our Delegations network continues to grow to 56 in 11 different countries (Spain, Portugal, Brazil, France, Italy, England, Switzerland, Panama, Colombia, Canada and Australia).


We continue expansion in countries such as Finland, Panama, Norway, Venezuela, Germany, Slovakia and Taiwan.

In 2017 we launched the first 100% waterproof Microcement in the world. The iCem Aqua system. This waterproof system is standardized for other products such as Nature, Microconcrete and Stone.

We received the recognition of INNOVATIVE SMEs from Ministry of Industry, Economy and Competitiveness of Spain, being the ONLY Microcement Company that has received this recognition.

It is also the year of improvements in the Metallized Sealer (without the need for polishing) and new system for the oxide Microcement, with 4 finishes (oxide, corten steel, copper and bronze).


The Aqua 100% waterproof system is a real success of sales in half the planet. We continue to flourish and continue our expansion in new countries such as Denmark, Norway, Finland Mexico and opening 2 new factories (in Mexico and the United States), initiating our expansion plan in these countries.