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Sustainability CimentArt

Sustainability CimentArt

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Sostenibilidad CimentArt

Talking about Sustainability today is fashionable. This is a simple definition: Sustainability is the balance we have with the resources of our environment.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by human activities are responsible for climate change. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main GHG produced by our activities, through the burning of fossil fuels; therefore, it is the reference with which emissions are measured.

At CimentArt we are aware that there are highly polluting sectors in the area of ​​manufacturing construction materials, as well as in the installation or application of these products.

Today it is inevitable to compare Microcement with other coatings such as tiles or laminated flooring, since none of these named coatings is installed in a home where Microcement is applied.

Sustainability CimentArt

Let’s give a practical example: Tiles vs  Microcement

Installing tiles in a bathroom means 25 kg of material aprox per m2. Applying a Microcement in a bathroom means a material of 2.7 kg per m2. This is Sustainability.

Tile material waste is generally 10%, which goes to rubble and has to be sent for treatment. With Microcemento there is no waste of material. This is Sustainability.

The total amount of material to renovate a 37 m2 bathroom with tiles is aprox 1000 kg. The total amount of material to make a 37 m2 bathroom with Microcement is 100 kg aprox. This is Sustainability.

The shipment of tiles from Alicante to Madrid (450 km) releases aprox 0.3 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. The same shipment of Microcement releases 0.03 tons aprox of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is Sustainability.

Microcement is not a 100% ecological product. But 70% by weight of the raw materials used to manufacture Microcement are minerals and fine sand. This is Sustainability.

To manufacture Microcement, large ovens are not used to cook these minerals, as they are used in tile factories. We do not release any CO2 into the atmosphere in our manufacturing. This is Sustainability.

CimentArt Microcement is the first microcement manufacturer in the world to obtain the ISO9001 Quality Certificates and Environmental Certificate 14001.

This is CimentArt Sustainability.