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Best Microcement Solutions Manufacturer 2020 · Europe

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Best Microcement Solutions Manufacturer 2020 · Europe

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Best Microcement Solutions Manufacturer 2019 · Europe

12 years together …

Our trajectory, consolidated after 12 years dedicated to the manufacture of decorative microcement, currently places us as one of the leading manufacturing companies. This trajectory has been recognized and awarded, for the second consecutive year, with the “Best Microcement Solutions Manufacturer 2020 · Europe” award, and we do not want to miss this moment to thank all the people who helped us to achieve it, especially in this complicated time of global pandemic.

Cimentart World… if you like turnover, here are some facts:

Since we started we have had sales in 37 countries.

We currently have Distributors on 4 continents

In the last year we manufactured more than 4 million kg and more than 1 million m2 were applied with CimentArt products all over the planet.

But the most satisfactory for the CimentArt Team are not the kg manufactured or the m2 applied.

For us, decorating is something very intimate and personal. It is a desirable and pleasant sensation that causes great well-being. Our biggest smile appears with the countless satisfied customers, who experience these sensations in their home with CimentArt Microcement.

Taste it and feel it, if you haven’t already.

The CimentArt team.